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Not Just a Brand, a Movement

Behind Oddball -

Not Just a Brand, a Movement

There are more than 7 billion unique individuals living on this earth. The pressures of social media and society often cause many to conform to a perceived ‘standard’. We are told to blend in; we are brought up to be like everyone else, dress like, and act like everyone else. Why is it, that the majority of people limit themselves to the norms of societies? When in reality, this goes against every individual’s true nature. Each of us is born with an essence of our own uniqueness. Oddball is the movement of embracing your very own unique essence. It is a celebration of expressing what makes you, you!

Oddball was created by Derek Halladay, a full time MBA student, and former Lobo athlete at UNM, and his father Johnny Halladay. The Concept arose out of an inspirational moment, and personal philosophy. The idea is a high quality, handmade, stylish, custom beaded bracelet with one odd bead or “Oddball” that is used to signify the essence of uniqueness. Wearing your very own unique custom bracelet is a constant reminder to live your life in celebration of your uniqueness in all aspects of life. It is an encouragement to stand out for who you are and to be true to your nature.

After hearing of the movement and concept, I was immediately persuaded to buy into Oddball brand and purchased my very own unique custom bracelet. But how was I persuaded? What is it about Oddball that caught my attention and made me buy into it? It was the brand authenticity, brand personality and the feel-good factor of Oddball that effectively grabbed me.

Oddball prides themselves on creating brand authenticity. From the process of creating the handcrafted bracelets to the genuine and personal meaning behind each bracelet created. Each bracelet symbolizes the integrity of not only the company, but also the story and personal value behind what the custom bracelet signifies for each unique person who buys their own. To add further authenticity to the brand, Oddball is a family run and operated business. Father and son, working together towards the American dream, leading into the brand personality which is to enable and remind individuals of their own authentic values and stories.

What makes Oddballs brand personality stand out, is that it is made personal by everyone. What it means to be yourself and celebrate your unique attributes may mean something entirely different from one unique person to the next. This means it is appealing to everyone. If you are an adrenaline junky and partake in extreme sports or a bookworm who loves to sit at home curled up in a chair, there’s an Oddball that can match your personality. Oddball’s brand personality “rubs off” on the consumer.

Everyone wants to look good, and have their own personal style. This is Oddball’s greatest attribute. Oddball is an aspirational brand; a brand that consumers can admire, and aspire to live by. Not only are the bracelets custom made and have a personal touch, but they are uniquely styled and are made affordable for everyone. When people look good, they feel good, and when people save a penny, they feel even better!

This leads to the feel-good factor of Oddball. Most people want to make the world a better place. Part of making the world a better place is looking within and practicing self-analysis, so that we can make personal growth to help change the environment for the better from inside-out. Oddball set out to help people find happiness within them and develop a sense of personal growth.

Many people are at a constant struggle with themselves. Fighting insecurities, self-confidence issues, low self-esteem and social pressures cause people to give up on themselves. Oddball is a movement that stands for the embracement and celebration of oneself and their unique essence; that is, what makes each individual feel special and significant from within.

A big thanks to the author, Django Lovett, for writing this piece about the Oddball movement.  Find him on Twitter @D_Lovett


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